Our projects
2 residential mansions with an area of 1,432 sq.m
Moscow Pokrovka str., 43/6 and 7
The cost of buying objects: 258 million rubles. Market value: 432 million rubles. Income: 174 million rubles. Term of realization: 18 months.
The concept of design has been developed, the development strategy (restaurant) has been developed and is being coordinated with the city authorities. The project was launched in June 2017.
The land plot of 23 hundred.
Moscow, the village of Salarevo, str. 2-d New, 10
Project cost: 110 000 000 rubles. Income: 217 500 000 rubles. Profit: 107 500 000 rubles. Term of implementation: 24 months.
Project for the construction of a 3-storey residential building with 2 entrances and 45 apartments.

Full Range of Development Activities

  • Development of a concept and a business plan for the Project.
  • Change of permitted use and approval of initial permit documentation.
  • Urban development research and obtaining necessary approvals.
  • Obtaining engineering specifications for utility systems.
  • Approval of a Development Master Plan and an Open Utility Layout.
  • Obtaining a construction work permit.

Development of a Project Concept

A concept is a system of views on the project that fully reveals its idea and forms its whole picture. Every investment project needs a preliminary analysis of the market situation, as well as a feasibility evaluation of the selected concept and preparation of a business plan. The marketing concept includes the following:

  • Development of a marketing strategy for the project.
  • Project positioning, in view of market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Product determination, with clear definition and description of the final product that is brought out for sale to the end buyer. The product may be a land plot in a form of a real estate unit with a development complex or a holiday village with a centralized utility system.
  • Sales strategy and promotion program, which are a set of measures aimed at the successful implementation of the planned project and also focused on a consumer and his or her high awareness.
  • Architectural and engineering construction concept and public space improvement, which include preparation of a site development scheme with a certain number of household plots.

Drafting a Business Plan

The key factor in decision-making on the project implementation is its economic feasibility, and the business plan is the only tool to show the feasibility to your investors. Our company offers development of a business plan and a feasibility report, including the following:

  • calculation of a necessary investment;
  • development of a construction schedule and utilization of investment funds;
  • development of a predictive sales plan for a finished project;
  • projection of income flows;
  • calculation of key financial indicators for a specified project.

Change of Permitted Use and Approval of Initial Permit Documentation

When buying a land plot, registration and approval of permitted use is required for this property. In order to obtain an Order on Change of Permitted Use, it is necessary in proper manner to issue initial permit documents and approvals from official authorities and power structures.

An approval of the Act on Location of the Land Plot requires ecological researches, as well as engineering and geological surveys, as follows:

  • topographic survey;
  • geodetic work;
  • geological survey;
  • radiation and ecological investigation;
  • assessment of territory impact on the environment.

Upon completion of this work, a full package of permits and approvals is issued which are necessary for urban development research and for obtaining a design and construction permit.

Urban Development Research for Obtaining Relevant Approvals

At this stage, the location of a construction site is agreed in the Urban Development Area Plan, the zoning of the construction area is approved at the Urban Development Council, and the substantiation is received, based on which an architectural and planning design assignment shall be issued. An area development plan is approved and a final design permit is obtained.

Obtaining Engineering Specifications of Utility Systems

Obtaining utility lines permits, indicating the exact location of the laying route and determining the type of necessary utility equipment.

Approval of a Development Master Plan and an Open Utility Layout

When a permit for design of a construction project is obtained, we proceed directly to the engineering and architectural stage of the Project, starting the work on a Development Master Plan and an Open Utility Plan, after which they are agreed and expertized.

Obtaining a Construction Work Permit

After all approvals are completed, the site is available to start the construction work.

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