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Lion Capital Investment Group — Safe and Profitable Real Estate Investment

Lion Capital Group incorporates a number of companies, which are actively dealing with investments and portfolio management in the industry of real estate. The success of the group is based on its participants: the professional players on the real estate market, who are working in completely different areas. Our main goals are risk diversification and maximization of profits from each invested dollar. We guarantee good and beneficial cooperation to our clients. We prove it by investing 95 % of funds from investors in real estate, thus reducing all risks to zero.


Profit of our
investors for 3 years
million rubles
The cost of projects
in management
billion rubles
Average income
% per annum

Real Estate Buyout

Our company is engaged in real state buyout for investment by using completely different principles, which ensure profitability of every deal. We do not practice profiteering, where the seller loses significantly. When buying out a real estate item, the company expects a long-term payoff. That is the reason why our terms are more attractive than market offers.

We are interested in ready-made rental businesses and deal with items currently involved in rental agreements. Now, if you decide to sell a real estate item, you do not have to cancel your current agreements, thus breaking deals and paying forfeits. We buy out real estate items together with current rental agreements. We also deal with mortgaged or leased items.

Real Estate Buy-out with Lion Capital Group

  • Full legal security and warranties.
  • Buy-out of real estate items at prices up to 90 % of the market value.
  • Use of only transparent schemes and mutually advantageous terms.
  • Buy-out of real estate items only at our costs and expenses.


Lion Capital Investment Group is looking for mutually beneficial cooperation with real estate owners. Our specialists are ready to take care of all issues concerning management of commercial, residential and industrial real estate. You can receive maximized profits both quickly and with minimum expense if you own large real estate items or items located in other cities and countries. We offer the following services:

  • development of a strategy for a property and of an investment concept;
  • selection of contracting agencies, land improvement and property cleaning;
  • dealing with all issues concerning municipality, governing bodies and public utilities;
  • building maintenance and modernization, overhauling of service lines and decoration work;
  • management control for commercial real estate;
  • search and attraction of tenants, negotiations with them and monitoring of contract compliance.


  • Full legal support — from registration of partnership to registration of a trademark
  • Protection of business from copying and removal
  • Investments in Start-ups


  • Full complex of development activities
  • Obtaining permission for construction works
  • Exit to the construction site
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